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Pre-bed Routine To A Healthy Skin!

Who doesn’t want a healthy skin but to get something one must work hard here are few steps taken from the secret lives of Hollywood celebrities to ensure million dollar skin worth dying for.

1. Cleansing: It is the basic skin care step, in words of Bollywood star Bapasha Basu;

“Every one knows it but only few follows it regularly”.

And she is right, cleansing skin include removal of makeup and even dust or pollution from the skin leaving healthy and clean skin cells behind , sometimes one was can clean the skin but if required do it twice to ensure 100% clean skin.


2. Exfoliation: After cleaning scrubbing is the next step as it removes the dead skin and allows it to breath but too much scrubbing is also not recommended once or twice a week is enough still you don’t need to buy expensive scrubs as Kim kardashian says she scrubs her body with sugar added in oil and then take a shower. In place of sugar sea salt is also used by most celebrities.


3. Toning: Toning is the third step, which most models swear by that keep their skin young for ever just apply a tonner on cotton and dap it on face skin , rose water can also be used as a natural tonner.


4. Moisturizer: All doctors including world’s famous opera show’s doctor Mehmet Oz cant emphasize enough on the useful effect of the moisturizer. Just by applying moisturizer daily one can keep age at bay.


And then you are good to sleep and wake up as a princess.

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