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Fat Cutting Weight loss Juice

Obesity is a real problem of todays world. It is major cause of high blood pressure and diabetes. There is a very easy to make juice you can drink to cut extra fat and get rid of obesity. This juice tastes really good and ingredients are easy to find.

Fat Cutting Weight loss Juice

Ingredients you need:

Cucumber: Cucumbers are perfect for reducing stomach fat. They are very refreshing, high in water content and fiber. A big cucumber only contains 45 calories.


Pineapple: Pineapple is rich in vitamin C and B-6. It contains a very important enzyme, Bromelain, that is excellent for cutting fat.


Celery: Celery helps you reduce calorie intake and fulfill your requirement of vitamin K which is necessary for proper blood clotting.


Parsley: Parsley helps to improve your metabolism and antibiotics in parsley helps to keep intestine free of bad bacteria.



* Take 1 cucumber, 3 pieces of pineapple, a stem of celery and a cup of parsley.

* Cut cucumbers, parsley and celery into small pieces.

* Add all the ingredients into blender, with some ice.

* Blend really well. Juice is ready.

Fat Cutting Weight loss Juice

Drink this juice every morning on empty stomach. Do not keep it for too long. Do not preserve it.Drink this juice for 7 days and you will see the difference.

Watch video below:


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