Scientists are of the opinion that the hair dyes sold in the market are full of cancer causing agents. The hair dyes used in saloons and market are really health threatening. These scientists are from Leeds-based Company Green Chemicals.

According to them the chemicals present inside these dyes react with smoke and other pollutants present in the atmosphere and produce carcinogenic compound. Taking into account that almost everybody these days are dyeing their hair, this could be a great problem.

Obviously the dye producing companies denying any of this. But the truth is that the hair dyes have been associated with certain cancers like breasts, bladder and brain cancer. Also people suffer from many allergic reactions due to these dyes.

You can always use certain home ingredients to dye your hair. Like, coffee mixture can give you a very beautiful color.



  • Organic coffee – 2 tbsp
  • Natural conditioner – 2 cups




  • Make coffee and cool it down.
  • Mix conditioner, brewed coffee and organic coffee.
  • Apply this mixture for an hour.
  • Rinse off with apple cider vinegar.