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This Brave Mother of Seven Drives a Taxi in Hyderabad to Support her family

This is a brave woman Basheeran, 67, who is the only female taxi driver in Hyderabad drives a Suzuki pickup as taxi for the past 30-35 years.

Basheeran got married in her early teens. She was a pampered kid both in her home and in her in-laws. Her husband was Policeman and a part time taxi driver. She was a very much loved. Her husband died due to cardiac arrest one day and her whole world changed. Her in-laws banished her and she started living in a rental house with her kids.

She had 7 kids to raise. She resorted to sewing clothes and hired a driver for the taxi. But this arrangement did not go as planned. She decided to make use of driving lessons his husband used to give her against her in-laws wish.

Being only woman driving the taxi, people used to look strangely at her. She was frightened at first as she was young and beautiful but decided to fight her situation with courage. With her taxi driving and sewing clothes she raised her 7 children.

At first her sons, when grew up, helped her meet ends but they moved to Punjab after marriage and her daughters also got married. When she was free from her children duties, she adopted a very poor girl from neighbors and raised her.

She is a strong woman with her heart broken by her sons. Her only family is her daughters and her son-in-laws.

Source: https://images.dawn.com/news/1179675/this-mother-of-seven-took-up-taxi-driving-in-hyderabad-to-support-her-family.

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